Loose smart your weight

Obesity and overweight have become a scourge in world health.

Various diets and methods for losing excess weight have multiplied. Often, it is very difficult to choose the way in which to lose excessive and dangerous kilos.

The point is not only to lose excessive weight but also to maintain optimal weight for you height over time. It is very disappointing that after a good initial effort in reducing weight, it all comes back because one does not keep up the new resolution.
Before starting a form of weight-loss therapy or a specific method, things which are usually very expensive, it is important to do some preparation for it.

The preparation allows one to understand certain basic points; they will provide a good foundation, a new strategy in the way of life to be followed. At the same time, the preparation will protect you from future failures and disappointments and often from a lot of unnecessary expenses.

In other words, any attempt to lose weight should start from the mind. There are no magic solutions and neither are there miracle products that will solve the problem.

A preparation should include the following five points which are simple, practical and inexpensive. They can form a foundation for a successful weight-loss effort and maintenance of an optimal body weight.

1. Write down the reasons for wanting to lose weight.

This is a basic and necessary step that should precede any effort to lose weight.

Think, recognize and write down the reasons and the internal motivations that lead you to change your unsatisfactory situation.

To lose unwanted kilos is something very nice that increases your feeling of self-confidence and improves your appearance. In addition, it gives you the feeling of protecting your health.

It is important for everyone to write down their personal motives. Doing this internal process a person will always be able to resort to and to revive his or her determination at difficult moments.

To be able to wear the clothes you like without having a weight problem, to be able to go up the stairs without getting tired, to do your hobbies or your work without difficulty because of overweight, to have an elegant appearance for your friends and your family, these are strong internal factors that lead anyone to lose weight.

2. Don’t remain alone in your effort.

When you start a difficult and long-term effort like the one of losing weight it is important to have a support system. You may, of course, do this alone but having persons around that you trust and with whom you can talk and get ideas and psychological support will make the situation much easier and more pleasant for you.

Talk to your family and your friends. Emphasize the fact that you don’t just start a diet. It is a long-term process that includes changes to your way of life, a better diet and physical exercise.

The support of your friends and your family will encourage you in difficult moments and they may also start with you. The road will be easier if you are not alone.

3. Make small successive gradual changes.

In your effort to improve the quality but also the quantity of your diet it is important to realize that you will be more successful if you start with small successive changes.

Usually sudden and big changes are not kept up in the long-run. It is easier to keep new healthier habits if you do it gradually.

If you decided to stop eating foods that are not good for you, don’t do it suddenly. Reduce their intake gradually. It is easier to succeed and to keep to your target in this way.

If, for example, you decided to reduce sugar in your coffee or tea, don’t stop immediately but try to reduce the quantity gradually. You will get used to the new taste and thus the result will be more permanent.

The same thing happens in the case of physical exercise. It is better to start gently with walking and short-time exercises if you had been inactive for a long time.

4. Exercise, walking, sports etc. reduce your appetite, expend calories and also reduce excessive weight and make you feel better.

In addition, they help in the production of endorphins in your brain and this contributes to your feeling better.

Besides the planned hours that you should devote to your physical exercise there are other intelligent ways to help your organism

For example, don’t take the elevator but walk up the stairs. Don’t park your car near the place where you are going but a little further away and walk briskly to your destination. Walk at a rapid pace whenever you can. After a meal, a walk will contribute to the loss of kilos.

It seems that various activities in which we are engaged daily using our feet contribute to consuming as many calories as we would consume in a gym with preplanned exercises.

5. Don’t eat big meals but small and more frequent ones.

Eat only when hungry. Eat until you feel full. Don’t continue eating automatically or because you have nothing else to do or because of habit. Avoid big meals.

Prefer to eat many times a day and only when you feel hungry but always small quantities.

Try to have apples, pears, oranges and other fruits and to have one of these instead of any other snacks which are saturated with fat, calories and salt.

Pieces of carrot or lettuce may be a much better a snack at any time. Besides giving you valuable vitamins and vegetable antioxidants, they offer vegetable fibres that benefit the digestive system.

Drink a glass of water before eating. Our organism needs water and in addition water fills the stomach without any additional calories.
(Source: Medlook -www.medlook.net)