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You have managed to shrink your clothes, or even change their colour, while always losing the “battle” against stains. Before you give up, take a look at the tips below, which will help you save your clothes.

Goodbye stains

We don’t swear by it, but you have nothing to lose by rubbing a bit of chalk over a stain before putting your garment in the wash. They say it absorbs all kinds of grease as well as lipstick stains. Hairspray and hand sanitizer are also considered good stain removers, as they can remove ink, hair dye and others. In this case, spray the stain and allow to absorb for 10 minutes, before putting it in the washing machine.

Bring your clothes back to… life

To make your white clothes shine bright again, place some lemon slices in a pot with water and boil. Place your white clothes in a basin and pour the lemon and water mixture over. Allow to soak for an hour and then put them in the washing machine. To liven up your dark-coloured clothes, add two cups of coffee or tea to the washing machine, while for mixed colours, add a teaspoon of salt.

Honey, I shrunk the clothes

We are convinced that your washing machine, just like everyone else’s, has pulled some “magic” tricks. You put a garment in the washing machine – it goes without saying that you did not read its label carefully first – you started it up, and when the cycle finished, you realised that your garment now fits… a child. No matter how you tried to get it back to its original size, you failed. But before throwing the garment away, try the following: put it in a basin with warm water and a cup of baby shampoo, and leave to soak for 1-2 minutes. Then “knead” it with your hands to relax its fibres before gently scrunching it up 2-3 times. After, lay it out over a dry towel and then wrap up the towel. Put it on another dry towel, stretch out the garment’s corners and leave it there to dry.

Longer lasting jeans

Believe it or not, some say that instead of washing your jeans, you could make room in your freezer and put them in there for a while. The freezing cold will kill the germs that create a bad odour on your jeans, while they will also be protected against wear and tear that would have been caused from years of washing in the washing machine. If again you would rather not experiment with your jeans, at least make sure you don’t wash them every single time you wear them, but instead get five to six wears out of them.

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