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Alphamega Hypermarkets launches new store in Trimiklini

The store has opened its doors to the public, and is now ready to offer locals a comprehensive shopping experience

Alphamega Hypermarkets is adding another hypermarket to its network. The new Alphamega Hypermarket in Trimiklini has opened its doors to the public and is ready to offer a comprehensive shopping experience to local consumers.

The new store covers a total area of 1000sqm, boasting a kitchen that offers fresh handmade food daily, a fruit market, a butcher’s shop as well as convenient parking. Moreover, the store also has a Bean Bar Café inside it, allowing customers to enjoy their coffee while shopping.

The Alphamega Hypermarket in Triklimini meets the needs of every modern consumer looking for a comfortable shopping experience, a variety of high-quality products, trusted brands and attractive prices. Locals can now enjoy Alphamega Hypermarkets’ generous offers and choose from a wide range of well-known products, offered at low prices.

The hypermarket will be open from Monday to Sunday from 6am to 8pm.

With a network of 19 stores and over 2,000 employees, Alphamega Hypermarkets is the biggest and fastest-growing hypermarket chain in Cyprus.

The company is constantly expanding, with its main goal being to offer its customers an upgraded shopping experience and high-quality products.

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