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The cycling route of Marina Theodorou was successfully completed on Sunday, June 13,

with the strategic cooperation with Charalambides Christis


Marina Theodorou’s cycling route “CYCLING FOR A EURO”, which has been embraced by ALPHAMEGA HYPERMARKETS as part of their corporate social responsibility program “CHILD, NUTRITION AND HEALTH,” was successfully completed on Sunday, June 13, with the strategic cooperation with Charalambides Christis.

Marina Theodorou, accompanied by her fellow cyclists, visited several municipalities and communities around Cyprus while supporting the “CHILD, NUTRITION AND HEALTH” CSR program of ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets, which aims to raise awareness about child obesity prevention and inform about the benefits of a balanced diet and regular exercise. Working in collaboration with the Cyprus Dietetic and Nutrition Association, the specific program gives the opportunity to children between the age of 9-12 to obtain a free personalised nutrition plan, tailored to their needs. This goal is implemented with the vital contribution of ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets, who donate the proceeds from the sales of reflective armbands, suitable for cycling, hiking and running, for the achievement of this purpose.  The armbands are available for sale from the 1st – 21st June, at all ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets in Cyprus.

The “CHILD, NUTRITION AND HEALTH” program focuses on organizing activities and supporting initiatives which promote balanced diet and regular exercise among children.  As of this year, the program has extended its activity to include the cycling route “CYCLING FOR A EURO”, with the objective of sharing the great value of healthy living across the island.


The cycling route started on Saturday, June 5, from ALPHAMEGA Central in Larnaca, and after making several stops along the way, it finished at Ayia Napa. The first phase of the route was completed on Sunday, June 6, with the team starting from Derynia and ending the first weekend at ALPHAMEGA Acropolis. During the second weekend, the cycling route made a start from ALPHAMEGA Central in Paphos, covered the districts of Paphos and Limassol and crossed the finish line at ALPHAMEGA Linopetra. Finally, on Sunday June 13, the team started the route from the cycling café in Tochni, made a stop at ALPHAMEGA Skarinou, and after visiting numerous municipalities around Nicosia it finished at ALPHAMEGA Engomi.

Marina Theodorou’s cycling route has been embraced by the general public of Cyprus and will continue to run in the future as part of the “CHILD, NUTRITION AND HEALTH” CSR PROGRAM of ALPHAMEGA HYPERMARKETS. This noteworthy event was implemented with the strategic cooperation of Charalambides Christis, a dairy company which shares the same vision with ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets for children’s healthy nutrition. For this reason, Charalambides Christis will continue to provide its support to the program in the future.

ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets are thankful to the sponsors of the cycling route, namely: Primetel, Unilever, Holland & Barrett, Landas Colour, ACS Courier and ASTRA CAR RENTAL.

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