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“The die is cast"… for a world full of children’s smiles. ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets support the vision of the Karaiskakio Foundation.

ALPHAMEGA Hyperrmarkets and the Karaiskakio Foundation join forces once again, aiming to promote a common vision... for a world full of children’s smiles! Between 21/09 and 07/10, or until stocks are exhausted, “the die is cast” and ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets will give the opportunity to the public to support this action by buying exclusively from their stores “Rubik’s Cube for life" at the price of €3.

Driven by the love and devotion to children, ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets continue to support initiatives which address children’s health and people-centered organizations that produce work with a remarkable social impact.

The Karaiskakio Foundation is a non-profit organization that was founded 26 years ago, with the sole purpose of organizing a volunteer Bone Marrow Donor Registry. The organization has succeeded in establishing itself as a modern diagnostic center with a complete network of specialized laboratories. Today, it has one of the most modern integrated interdisciplinary laboratories in Europe, specializing in the fields of haematology, oncology and paediatrics, cancer genetics and the investigation of other rare diseases. 

By purchasing Rubik’s Cube we support ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets’ initiative and enforce the efforts of the Karaiskakio Foundation … for a world full of children’s smiles!

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