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Raid Night and Day Mosquito & Flies Repellent + Refill (1x2.25 g) -2€ Less CE

Prepare Use Low Energy Consumption Up to 5W per hour. No solvent formula. Fragrance free. Silicone tile technology (MV). Purpose and function: Mosquito and fly control in indoor spaces. Area of application: Indoor spaces. Target: Mosquitoes and flies. Dosage: One set (device & refill) is efficient for spaces up to 20 m³ for 240 hours in total: 20 days x 12 hours or 30 days x 8 hours or 30 nights x 8 hours. For larger spaces use more devices accordingly. When to use: Throughout the year and mostly during the summer months. Licence holder: S.C. Johnson Hellas Ltd., 7 Frangoklissias street, Maroussi, 15125, Greece. In Cyprus, Licence No.: 1356. Method of application: The Raid Night & Day® replacement kit consists of an innovative silicone tile (in which the active substance has been absorbed without the use of a solvent), that is supported on a triangular plastic base, in order to avoid contact with the active substance when changing the spare part. The replacement also has a built-in plastic container with a “lifetime indicator” (blue liquid), separated from the tile, so that the user can see when replacement of the spare part is required. The refill fits into the electrical device. 1. To assemble the device: Open the silver sachet and remove the replacement (refill) by holding it from the triangular shell. Insert the replacement into the socket of the device and rotate clockwise to lock it. 2. To prepare the product lifetime indicator: Remove the silver sheet from the top of the replacement, revealing the lifetime indicator (blue liquid). The blue liquid will evaporate only during use when the device is connected to the power. Change the replacement when the blue liquid has evaporated. 3. To turn on the product, connect the device to a 220V outlet. Any orientation of the device is considered acceptable. A red light indicates that the device is on. Action against mosquitoes and flies begins 10 minutes after device activation. For best results, it is recommended to turn on the device for at least 1 hour in the application area. 4. Use night or day up to 12 hours a day. The refill lasts 240 hours. The lifetime indicator will tell you when you need to change the replacement to renew the protection against mosquitoes and flies. A spare part lasts 20 days if used for 12 hours a day. Alternatively it will last 30 days or 30 nights if used for 8 hours a day or 8 hours a night respectively. Use only Raid Night & Day® spare parts for the device. To turn off the device, simply unplug it.
Country Device Country of Origin: China
Net Contents 1 Piece / Τεμάχιο
Lot No 3734
Important Notice Customers are advised to check product packaging for nutritional information and allergen warnings before consumption, as product information is subject to change after publication. You should always read the product label to ensure you are following the most up-to-date information. This is especially important if you have an allergy or intolerance. Allergen information can be found highlighted in the ingredients list on the back of pack
Safety Warnings  IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS: Instructions for the prevention of fire, toxicity, electrocution, or injury hazards. PLEASE READ BEFORE USE AND KEEP THESE IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS. WARNING: When electrical devices are in use, important precautions must be taken, including the following. CAUTION: The device can be used by children who are 8 years or older and by people with limited physical, sensory, or mental abilities, or lack of experience or knowledge, only under supervision or after they have received the instructions on how to safely use the device and are aware of the dangers involved. Children must not play with the device. The cleaning and maintenance of the device must not be carried out by unsupervised children. For safe use, only plug the device in wall outlets that function properly and where the device is ventilated and cannot come into contact with bed sheets or any other material. Do not use with an extension cable or power strip. Do not sink in water. Do not connect anything on a plug above the device. The device must be used only with the recommended replacement. The use of other replacements might cause toxicity or fire hazards. STORE AWAY FROM PETS. These instructions are available on CAUTION: Contains Transfuthrin. Active substance: 13,4% β/β (13,4g/100g), 300 mg/tile. Harmful in case of ingestion. Causes skin irritation. Highly toxic to aquatic life, with long lasting effects. If you seek medical advice, keep the container or label of the product with you. Keep out of reach of children. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Do not eat, drink, or smoke when using this product. Disposal of the container / product as per regional / national regulations. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Use with open windows, in outlets near the open window and in an area that is not accessible to children. In case of contact of the tile with the skin, immediately wash with soap and water. Do not cover the device with any object when in use. Do not touch the device with metal objects or wet hands. Remove or cover aquariums, terrariums, and animal cages before application. Turn off aquarium air-filter during use. Keep away from food, drinks, and animal food. Do not puncture the lifetime indicator (blue liquid). Keep the packaging throughout the use of the device, for the use and safety instructions. Antidote: Does not exist. Follow symptomatic treatment. Poison Control Centre: CYPRUS 1401. First Aid. IN CASE OF INGESTION: Call POISON CONTROL CENTRE or a doctor, if you feel unwell. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.