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Raid Night and Day Mosquito & Flies Repellent Refill 2 Pieces (2x2.25 g) -25% Less CE

Prepare Use  No solvent formula. Fragrance free. Insecticide (PT18). For general public use. Formulation type: Vapour releasing product (VP). Active substance: transfluthrin 13,4% (13,4g/100g). Each tile contains 300 mg of pure transfluthrin. Target: Mosquitoes (culicidae) – development stage: adults, and flies (muscidae) – development stage: adults. Area of application: Indoor spaces. For domestic use and in other private areas. Method of application: The formulation consists of a transfluthrin impregnated inert carrier (tile). The inert carrier (tile) is heated by an electric heating device, which releases the transfluthrin in a controlled manner. Action and frequency of application: A set (device and replacement) is efficient for an area up to 20m³ for 10 days (240 hours), if used for 24 hours daily. For a significantly larger area, use 2 sets. Licence holder: S.C. Johnson Europe Sàrl, Z.A. La Piece 8, 1180 Rolle, Switzerland. GREECE, Licence No.: PT18-0449-00-1-1. CYPRUS, Licence No.: CY-0200-1-01. Directions for safe disposal of the product: Disposal of the product as per regional/national regulations. Directions for use: 1. To assemble the device: Open the silver sachet and remove the replacement (refill) by holding it from the triangular shell/base. Insert the replacement into the socket of the device and rotate clockwise to lock it. 2. To prepare the product lifetime indicator, which helps the user know when the product has run out: Remove the silver sheet from the top of the replacement, revealing the lifetime indicator (blue liquid). The blue liquid will evaporate only during use when the device is connected to the power. Change the replacement when the blue liquid has evaporated. 3. To turn on the product and activate the protection against mosquitoes and flies, connect the device to a 230V outlet. Any orientation of the device is considered acceptable. A red light indicates that the device is on. For best results, it is recommended to turn on the device for at least 1 hour in the application area for protection against mosquitoes, and for at least 1.5 hours for protection against flies. 4. Use night and day for 24 hours daily. A refill lasts 10 days (if used 24 hours a day). After 10 days, the lifetime indicator will let you know that you need to change the replacement to renew the protection against mosquitoes and flies. Only used RAID Night & Day replacements for the device. To turn off the device, simply unplug it. To be used in an area of up to 20m³. For a significantly larger area, use 2 sets (device and replacement). Good ventilation and the use of an air conditioner may reduce the effectiveness of the product. For optimal effectiveness windows must remain closed during the use of the product. Measures for minimising risks. The product must be used in accordance with the instructions for use, and the size of the room must be taken into account. Do not use in limited space. In case of contact of the tile with skin, immediately wash with soap and water. Do not cover the device with any object while in use. Do not touch the device with metal objects or wet hands. Remove or cover aquariums, terrariums, and animal cages before application. Turn off aquarium air-filter during use. Do not use directly on or near food, animal food, and drinks, or surfaces and utensils that may come into direct contact with food, animal food, drinks, and animals. Do not use in the kitchen. Contains transfluthrin (pyrethroid), may be lethal to cats. Prevent cats from coming into contact with the area. Keep out of reach of children and pets.
Net Contents 2 Pieces / Τεμάχια
Lot No 115178290707
Allergy Info Contains methenamine. May cause an allergic reaction
Important Notice Customers are advised to check product packaging for nutritional information and allergen warnings before consumption, as product information is subject to change after publication. You should always read the product label to ensure you are following the most up-to-date information. This is especially important if you have an allergy or intolerance. Allergen information can be found highlighted in the ingredients list on the back of pack
Safety Warnings Possible direct or indirect side effects. Transfluthrin may cause paresthesia (burning and prickling of the skin without irritation). If symptoms persist: Seek medical advice. First aid: Inhalation: No special measures required. Contact with skin: Immediately take off all contaminated clothing. Wash off with soap and plenty of water. If irritation develops and persists, get medical attention. Wash contaminated clothes before wearing them again. Contact with eyes: Rinse with plenty of water. If irritation develops and persists, get medical attention. Ingestion: Do NOT induce vomiting. Rinse mouth with water. Immediately call a doctor. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. If you seek medical advice, keep the container or label of the product with you. In case of an accident, call Poison Control Centre: GREECE 210 7793777, CYPRUS 1401. Emergency measures to protect the environment: Do not flush into surface water or sanitary sewer system. UFI: 565M-JOF2-900H-UTED Raid Night & Day. CAUTION. Causes skin irritation. Highly toxic to aquatic life, with long lasting effects. If you seek medical advice, keep the container or label of the product with you. Keep out of reach of children. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Do not release into the environment. Disposal of the product as per regional / national regulations.