We are the largest and fastest developing Cypriot hypermarket chain in the country, with 16 stores and 1700 employees to-date, in December 2019.

At ALPHAMEGA we are proud for the unique shopping experience we provide our customers.

At our ultra-modern, spacious hypermarkets, consumers are offered an abundance of quality products at a wide range of prices. The rich variety caters to the tastes of even the most demanding customers, with well-known brands and delicatessen from all around the world, including products from the multinational giant Tesco, quality products of other known brands and our own best price ALPHAMEGA products, AB and 365 markets.

Everyday, with care, we select our fruit, top quality meat, carefully selected fresh fish and in the early hours each day our bakery starts preparing a huge variety of pastries.

Our people are always there to help and assist, in order to enhance every aspect of your shopping experience.

Our hypermarkets are for all and each one of you.

Unique privileges

At ALPHAMEGA, we reward our loyal customers and add value to their purchases. With our loyalty  programme, our customers receive special coupons with their purchases, which they can exchange for known brands of household items either receiving these for free or at very low prices.

Furthermore, with our modern Customer Relationship Management system, we are able to respond to our customers based on their unique needs and inquiries promptly, thereby enhancing their shopping experience.

Finally, one more innovation of the ALPHAMEGA hypermarkets is the Social Family Card. Our customers receive updates on new products through social media, updates on services and offers and through purchases using their Social Family card our customers take part in competitions with big prizes and enjoy an array of exclusive privileges.

We take care of our people
We have been certified by Investors In People, a unique, internationally recognized quality standard in the domain of Human Resources management and development, a fact which emphasizes the quality of our excellent work environment.

We contribute actively to the economic and employment growth of our country
Since 2013 to this day, we have invested approximately 20 million euro in the creation of new stores and 400 new job positions, thus underscoring our growth-oriented outlook and showing our faith in the prospects of Cyprus economy.

We are dedicated to our social mission
With our active corporate social responsibility programme, we play a leading role in the social life of the country and the communities in which we are active. Furthermore, we take care to reduce the environmental impact of our activities.


Alphamega Hypermarkets are among the largest and most well-known hypermarkets in Cyprus. The Hypermarkets history started in 1958 when Mr. Charalambides opened his first hypermarket and in a short time period grew to become one of the largest hypermarket chains in Cyprus with a reputation of stocking the finest and most varied selection of local and imported international products.