Every week, during the period of June-July, with purchases from ALPHAMEGA Engomi worth €40 or more on a single receipt and by using your Social Family card, receive a gift voucher or a discount coupon for redemption exclusively at selected stores within ALPHAMEGA ENGOMI.

Gifts and discount coupons can be redeemed at Marks & Spencer Kids, Beauty Line, Famous Sports, Scholl and Holland & Barrett.

To commemorate the reopening of the stores and in collaboration with ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets, Alphamega Social Family card holder will enjoy special privileges.

Every week a new gift voucher or a new discount coupon awaits you for redemption in a different store within the ALPHAMEGA Engomi Hypermarket premises exclusively.

From the 9th to the15th of June, take advantage of a €10 gift voucher which is exclusively redeemable, until the 17th of June, at the Marks & Spencer Kids store in Engomi. Terms and conditions apply to each coupon.