• The confirmed cases were identified after the company carried out diagnostic tests on its own initiative
  • We are handling the confirmed cases under the guidance of the Ministry of Health

In consultation with the Ministry of Health, Alphamega Hypermarkets, wishes to update the public regarding the detection of confirmed cases of coronavirus at the Engomi branch.

Immediately after identifying the confirmed cases and under the guidance of the Ministry of Health, which sent us a relevant letter yesterday afternoon, Alphamega Hypermarkets activated an action plan, taking all the appropriate safety and hygiene measures.

It is worth noting that Alphamega Hypermarkets’ number one priority is protecting its staff and public health, and as such it deemed necessary that all of its employees are tested. Through this process, the company’s workers tested positive for the coronavirus. Based on the tracking process, all the members of staff working in the specific store have been pre-emptively quarantined, while they will also be tested. New employees have already been hired so that the store can continue to operate as normal.

Alphamega Hypermarkets wishes to ensure that all necessary measures have been taken to protect the hypermarkets’ customers and personnel and therefore there is no cause for concern. It is worth noting that specialised crews are disinfecting and cleaning all Alphamega Hypermarkets on a daily basis.

In statements, CEO of Alphamega Hypermarkets, George Theodotou, said: “We are handling the issue in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, strictly adhering to its instructions and the procedures laid down by the relevant protocol. The measures we have taken are strict and were immediately implemented, based on the guidance of the relevant government agencies. As a socially responsible organisation, we considered it our duty to test our staff, since it was very likely that cases could occur in a place that welcomes thousands of people every day.

Mr. Theodotou stressed that for the past month, people on the frontlines have been fighting a real war, while aiming to provide the best possible service as well as protect our fellow citizens. He went on to say that all members of staff are fighting this war in unprecedented conditions, with a high sense of responsibility and self-denial. He expressed his warm thanks to all the hypermarket staff for the responsibility, professionalism and dedication they have exhibited while executing their duties, serving the Cypriot society in a period of increased demand. “To the dear colleagues who have contracted the virus, we wish them a speedy recovery. We will remain by their side, helping them in any way we can”, he concluded.