• Responding to the government’s plea for support to the neighbouring country, the company will send quantities of long-lasting dry food to Beirut

Alphamega Hypermarkets are firmly by the side of the beleaguered people of Lebanon, as they believe the least that they can do is contribute to the effort to address the consequences of the deadly explosion that shook the neighbouring country last Tuesday. To this end, the company has kept an open line of communication with the Cypriot government from the very beginning.

Responding to the Government’s plea to support the neighbouring country, Alphamega Hypermarkets donated long-lasting dry food to cover the needs that have arisen. The aid will be sent to the neighbouring country on a Cyprus Airways flight, which will depart for Beirut tomorrow afternoon.

Besides the aid that will be sent to Lebanon, as of tomorrow, Alphamega Hypermarkets’ customers will also be able to contribute to the relief efforts while shopping. Collection points will be set up for long-lasting dry food and other essentials at all of our stores.

The Executive Director of Alphamega Hypermarkets, George Theodotou, said that the hypermarkets stand in solidarity with the people of Lebanon in these difficult times it is going through, and are reinforcing the neighbouring country’s efforts to deal with the tragic consequences of the explosion. “The principles of solidarity and selfless contribution guide every aspect of our company’s activities. We believe that when there is need, even the smallest bit of help can bring important results and it is within this context that we decided to contribute to covering the needs for medical care,” he said. He added that the company remains at the government’s disposal to cover any further needs.

We are a sum of our actions. We help those in need.