• The transition to the digital era offers a platform for initiatives that have a positive impact on the environment

Aiming to reduce their environmental footprint and contribute to upgrading the quality of life, Alphamega Hypermarkets decided to completely give up their practice of door-to-door flyer distribution.

Alphamega Hypermarkets have adopted a series of responsible practices for the protection of the environment, which is a key pillar of their actions and part of their Corporate Social Responsibility programme. At the same time, the main strategic goal of the company, is its transition to the digital era and the complete digitisation of its functions and operations, and in this framework, it urges consumers to make use of its digital communication channels.

“The accumulation of flyers has turned into a serious pollutant in our cities. At the same time, we acknowledge that sorting through the dozens of flyers that arrive daily in the mailboxes of consumers has become a rather tedious and time-consuming process. We thought that it was the right time to give a definitive solution to this problem, putting an end to our flyer distribution practice. Meanwhile, we urge our customers to utilise the digital communication channels offered by the company for information, such as the website, our social media and the Alphamega Loyalty App”, said, Elina Theodotou, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager at Alphamega Hypermarkets.

As Ms Theodotou stressed, the Environment is a key pillar of the Corporate Social Responsibility programme implemented by Alphamega Hypermarkets, while at the same time the digitisation of the company’s operations and processes is a target that guides every aspect of its operation. “The transition to the digital era offers a platform for initiatives that have a positive impact on the environment”, she said.

The consumer public can now view Alphamega Hypermarkets’ offers leaflet online, via the company’s website, while they will also be available in-store. It is noted that all Alphamega Hypermarkets’ flyers are printed on paper bearing the European eco-label ‘EU ECOLABEL’, which certifies that they are environmentally friendly.

In the era of digitisation, the environment gets a second chance!