These are difficult times we are going through; times of great uncertainty that have caused severe disruption to everyday life. We would like to assure you that we are here for our customers and wish to help in any way that we can.

We are closely following the latest guidelines and directives of the Government and we remain committed to making all the right decisions for our customers as well as our partners.

Our Customer Service department is currently receiving a high number of calls, emails and Facebook messages, and therefore our response time may be delayed. As we are trying to keep our phone lines free for customers belonging to the most vulnerable groups, you are kindly requested to check the frequently asked questions below before contacting us, for your own convenience.

Please keep visiting this page for the latest information.


General questions

Are all your stores open?

Our stores are open Monday – Saturday, 7:00 – 21:00 and Sundays 9:00 – 21:00.


What protective measures have you taken in your stores?

The following measures are being taken at Alphamega Hypermarkets:

  1. Hand sanitisers and disposable gloves have been placed at all of the Hypermarkets’ entry points, as well as other areas
  2. The Hypermarkets’ trolleys are disinfected every day
  3. The Hypermarkets’ personnel follow strict hygiene regulations
  4. The management is in constant communication with all the suppliers to ensure the Hypermarkets’ uninterrupted supply
  5. A special taskforce is ready to handle a potential case among members of personnel
  6. All the breads sold at the bakeries of the Hypermarkets are now packaged
  7. All the areas of the hypermarkets are disinfected on a frequent basis
  8. The number of people in our shops (per sqm) is constantly monitored, implementing the measure on maintaining the proportion of one person per 8sqm of used space.
  9. Special protective glass barriers have been installed at the tills, to avert close contact between customers-cashiers.
  10. Signs have been installed urging people to keep a two-metre distance from each other and strictly follow the instructions
  11. Security guards are stationed at the hypermarkets’ entrances / exits


Questions about home delivery / preparation and delivery / Foody

Do you offer a home delivery service?

We currently offer a home delivery service through the Foody application across Cyprus at selected postcodes.


I cannot find your Hypermarket on Foody / It says it is closed

If a supermarket reaches the limit of the volume of deliveries it is capable of preparing, then it will be temporarily removed from Foody. The option will be available again as soon as possible.


Do you provide a service for the products to be prepared and picked up from the store?

We only offer a home delivery service through the Foody application.


Is there a limit to the number of products I can order through Foody?

We have set a limit of 10 items per product, with the exception of bottled water, which has a limit of 4. Depending on the market’s needs, these limits may change.

In the event of any changes, this answer will be updated.


I cannot find all the products that I want / usually purchase from you.

There are thousands of products available at each store. A selection of 1,500 products of broad consumption has been made and more may be added in the future.


Can I add something to my order that isn’t available on Foody?

You can only order products that are available on Foody. If you think a basic product is missing from the list, contact us at [email protected] with the name of the product and if possible its barcode, so that we can see whether it can be added.


What happens if one of the products I purchased is not available?

This depends on whether you chose to accept replacement products during your order. If you have chosen to accept replacements, where possible, a product of equal or lower value will be added instead. Alternatively, the product will not be added at all. In that case, the cost of the product will be returned to you within 3 working days, with the same payment method that you used when placing the order.


Is there a delivery charge on Foody?

The delivery charge changes based on your location. Input your post code onto the Foody app, search for Alphamega Hypermarkets and you will be able to immediately see the delivery cost for your area.


Can I order from you directly and not through Foody?

Our cooperation with Foody began for your convenience, as there is a list of products to choose from. You may only order through Foody.


How are refrigerated/frozen products delivered?

These products are transported in special bags.


Am I charged for plastic bags in my delivery?

Yes, for hygienic purposes, the delivery has to be made in plastic bags so we have included the cost in the delivery charge.


I did not receive all the products I ordered

If you haven’t received all the products you have ordered, it’s possible it was out of stock and there was no replacement available. In that case, you will receive a refund on the provided method of payment within 3 working days.


Can I change my order?

Once you have placed your order on Foody, it is not possible to make any changes.


Can I cancel my order?

If it is in the initial stages and your products have not started being gathered, you may cancel your order by calling the National contact number 77000088 and then by speaking with the store where you placed your order.

Once you have successfully cancelled your order, your money will be returned within 3 working days, with the same method you used to place your order.


Can I choose a specific time and date for my delivery?

When you place your order, you will select a timeframe of a few hours within which you will receive your products.


I did not receive my order within the timeframe I selected.

In the event that you do not receive your order within the timeframe you selected, wait for another hour. If it has still not arrived, you can contact the store where you placed your order on 77000088.


Will I earn Pyrex stickers and Social Family points for my purchases through Foody?

For any purchase through the Foody app, you will not earn stickers or points.