On the occasion of the World Animal Day and as part of the actions they take every year for providing information and raising awareness, ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets remind us that adopting an animal is not an easy task, by launching “New friend request: Click to accept.” campaign.

ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets have been consistently providing their support to animal shelters in Cyprus, in an effort to reinforce the shelters’ operations.

This year, due to safety and protection measures scrupulously respected, the whole campaign will run through the Hypermarkets’ social media and website, without any physical presence inside their stores.

As part of this specific campaign, representatives from shelters around Cyprus will share useful information and advice with those interested to adopt an animal, through posts and videos the Hypermarkets will publish. The aim of this material is to get the message across that every person intending to foster an animal should be absolutely ready, as living with a pet is an ongoing challenge.

Through this year’s campaign, ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets will also offer the 1% out of every TESCO dog or cat food package that will be sold between 24/09 and 31/10, in the form pet food to shelters around Cyprus.

Participating shelters:

  • Aradippou DogShelter
  • O.G. Rescue Cyprus (Dali Organized Group)
  • Sirius Dog Sanctuary
  • Dog Valley Rescue Center
  • Kantou Shelter – Save Kantou DOGS
  • PAWS Dog Shelter

Inside ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets’ stores there are always special baskets, where people can place pet food, which is donated to animal shelters around Cyprus.