Bread has a history spanning seven to eight thousand years. According to the legend, it was first produced (at least in the form we know today), in ancient Egypt. With the exception of Southeast Asia, where rice is preferred, bread is an indispensable part of people’s everyday diet around the world. In the past years, many have blamed bread for weight gain. However, specialists explain that white bread is actually linked to abdominal fat, while whole-wheat bread, in the context of a balanced Mediterranean diet, actually helps us maintain the right dietary habits and a healthy body weight. At Alphamega Hypermarkets you can find a wide range of healthy choices, rich in flavour with less calories compared to conventional choices!



Who said that bread is not permitted when you’re on a diet? If anything, rye bread should be definitely consumed when someone watches their diet.

It is believed that rye comes from Central Asia, from wild weeds or wild rye found in Syria, Iran and Armenia. Apart from the health benefits as they add rye bread to your diet, it is as you will likely find, a healthy type of bread with a nice aroma that goes well with both sweet and savoury foods.

Quinoa, a plant that has been grown in the Andes for at least four thousand years and that the Incas thought of it as “the mother of all seeds”, has only recently been introduced to most people’s dietary habits. It is reminiscent of rice or bulgur, but has a more neutral taste. It is rather noteworthy that it contains more proteins compared to other cereals, this is why paediatricians now recommend that parents give it to their babies as their first food!
Quinoa bread with chia seeds is rightfully considered as a superfood. Or better yet, if we want to be clear about the benefits that the two seeds have, according to studies, quinoa bread is… the superfood of superfoods!

It may be the case that most of us weren’t aware of this bread until recently, but buckwheat, an alternative cereal from Asia, has for centuries been grown and consumed in many countries around the world, and specifically the countries of East Asia and Russia. Many people have argued that it’s a superfood, as it has a high content of protein, vitamins, minerals, fibres and folic acid compared to other cereals. It is an ideal side for your meal, as well as an excellent choice for breakfast or sandwiches, when combined with honey, cheese and your favourite vegetables.

Spelt bread is made from spelt, a cereal that is very rich in nutrients, which was especially consumed in ancient Greece, when wheat wasn’t available. It is one of the first known cereals to be domesticated and systematically cultivated by man, with traces of the cereal found in prehistoric communities in Asia Minor, while it is even mentioned in Homeric poems. Today, knowing its high nutritional value, spelt is offered to anyone who wants to consume foods with a high content of magnesium, which helps in the development of the brain. It is also gluten-free and helps improve digestion. Apart from the wholegrain flour made from spelt and spelt flakes, Alphamega’s spelt bread also contains other highly-nutritional foods, such as linseeds, sunflower seeds and oats, resulting in a bread that is very special and different from the usual, both in terms of flavour and nutritional value.

Cornbread with chia seeds, a special bread both in terms of flavour and colour, is the result of the combination of the “humble” corn and the super-nutritional chia seeds, making for an excellent flavour and nutritional result. Corn has been used since ancient times for the production of bread (known as “bobota”), to make dense breads with a special flavour and countless fibres. With the addition of wheat flour the bread becomes softer, while the additional sunflower seeds and chia seeds add more nutritional value to the bread, due to their beneficial properties. “Chia”, in the Mayan language (the Maya systematically cultivated the bread) means power, due to the fact that its beneficial properties for the human body were evident, even back then. Over the last 30 years, it has proved to be a top superfood, and as such, it is the latest trend for people who watch their diet and choose nutrient-dense foods.

If you belong to the category of people who exercise and follow a protein-based diet, you have another reason to include the protein bread in your otherwise strict diet. Protein bread is made from wholegrain flour, linseeds, soya protein concentrate and soybeans, wheat gluten, pumpkin seeds, wheat malt flour, malted barley extract and apple fibre. As it is well-known, protein plays a decisive role in maintaining and developing muscle, and this is why athletes mainly follow a protein-based diet. This bread is considered as an excellent alternative choice, instead of the traditional bread, with a lower carbohydrate content, and a higher content of high-quality protein. It is an ideal solution for people who abstain from meat due to its high protein content, while another advantage is the fact that it makes people feel full. It can be perfectly combined with any spread, while it can also be perfectly toasted.

The wholegrain kornback bread is rich in flavour, due to the variety of seeds it contains. Made from rye flour and wheat flour, its flavour is enhanced with the combination of oat flakes, linseeds, sunflower seeds and sesame. It will keep you full for several hours and most importantly, it has less calories than white bread. Oats are considered as an excellent source of fibre, with a high-vitamin content, minerals and antioxidants. Without a doubt, apart from its rich taste, the wholegrain Kornback bread facilitates the intake of nutrients and vitamins. Try it and you will remember the rich taste we spoke about above!