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Lanitis Protein Milk Balls

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time:


Serves: 20-22


  • 100 gr lanitis protein chocolate milk
  • 250 gr digestive light biscuits
  • 50 gr pecan nuts



  1. We place all ingredients in the blender and mix until unified together
  2. We create small balls from the mixture with our hands
  3. It is suggested to weight each ball in order to confirm that weights approximately 20gr.



Nutritional value per ball / 20gr

• 68 kcals calories, 3%

• 3 gr Fat, 4%

• 0.3 gr Saturated Fat, 2%

• 8 gr Carbohydrates, 3%

• 2 gr Sugar

• 0.6 gr Fiber, 2%

• 2 gr Protein, 4%



For a more chocolate flavour, we can melt some chocolate couverture and cover our balls with it. We can also springle some coconut flakes on top! If you enjoy a crunchier texture you can keep the pecan nuts in larger pieces when placing them in the mixture.

It is a great day starter recipe. It is also a snack after practice.

*% of the average intake of an adult (8400Kj / 2000 kcal).

* The nutritional table and nutrition symbols refer to the basic recipe and excludes the serving suggestions.

* The recipe is exclusively created for Lanitis Protein Milk by the clinical nutritionist Dimitra Panagi - Clinical Dietician & Nutritionist.