There are two kinds of housewives in the world: those who love ironing and those who hate it. Whether you enjoy it or ironing for you is a chore, it can become easier, quicker and more efficient with a series of ‘hacks’ that you can use from now on.

The first ‘rule’ of ironing already starts with how you use your washing machine: if your clothes get too wrinkled, then try to reduce the spin speed of the washing machine. In this way the machine’s drum turns slower and your clothes will ‘suffer’ less during washing.

Then, as soon as the spin cycle is finished, immediately remove the clothes from the washing machine, otherwise they will wrinkle. Leaving wet clothes inside the washing machine for a long time, could create mold. The same applies for tumble dryers – if you forget clothes in the dryer, the clothes will wrinkle quite a bit.

Make sure to hang the clothes by shaking them and stretching them out first, without getting them wrinkled (our grandmothers used to say: “you can tell a good housewife from the way she hangs the clothes to dry,”). If after washing, you use a tumble dryer, then make sure to shake and fold the clothes in such a way that they do not crease in the wrong places. You can sprinkle the clothes with ironing spray while they are still hanging, which will make them softer before you iron them – avoid doing it for sensitive clothes made of wool and silk.

As it comes to the… ‘difficult’ shirts, you can put them in the tumble dryer along with a wet sponge or a wet towel. If you dry them together for 15 minutes, the wrinkles will disappear, and the shirt may no longer need to be ironed.

If your ironing board is made of plain cloth, then placing an aluminum piece underneath will help increase the ironing temperature and achieve a better result.  For your convenience, however, you can purchase a thicker ironing board cover made of aluminum coating on the underside.

As for the ideal place to iron, it is no other than the bedroom, since the bed is a great place to fold and tidy up clean clothes, while you can also immediately put them in your wardrobe. Start with ironing low-temperature items that are easier to iron, gradually moving to the most demanding, high-temperature items.

As it comes to delicate clothes, iron the interior first to avoid damaging the garment. As it comes to ironing neckties, try to iron them between a cardboard on the bottom and a thin towel on the top. In this way the steam is trapped in the fabric, while at the same time the iron doesn’t come in direct contact with the tie, possibly damaging it.

As for the iron itself, ideally you should use a water-based steam iron, which produces more and stronger steam, making ironing faster and easier. Most irons have been designed to be used with tap water. However, you should always clean the water, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, removing any salts.

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