Coffee has become somewhat of a science these days. A science of pleasure to be precise! There is a constant inflow of new recipes for hot and cold coffee, in the effort to satisfy the taste buds of all coffee lovers, while the barista craft is evolving and becoming more and more demanding.

But no matter how many years go by, the art of a good espresso, the most characteristic coffee from Italy, remains unchanged and is based on certain basic principles which the Italians themselves follow without fail, despite the many espresso-based variations that have arisen across the globe in the meantime.

“Espresso is a miracle of chemistry in a cup,” Italian coffee entrepreneur Andrea Illy once said, encompassing the magic of a good espresso in just a few words. The name itself is indicative of its nature: espresso means fast, because on the one hand it has to be prepared very quickly (in 20-25 seconds with today’s espresso machines), and on the other it must also be served and consumed fast, almost on the go, as we are talking about a small amount, but that contains more than enough quantities of coffee. The Italians also make sure to keep their espresso’s smell and texture unaltered, so they avoid adding milk, while if sugar is required, this is added frugally – at least that’s what you do if you want to have a real espresso.

If you prepare espresso at home, there are a few more tips you can follow that are guaranteed to make it an even greater success:

  1. Before you pour the espresso, make sure to warm up your cup by dipping it in hot water.
  2. Use water that is as clear as possible, without salts or other odours that may alter the taste.
  3. The core ingredient, namely the coffee, must be stored in a dark and cool place, so that it does not lose its distinctive smell, texture and flavour.
  4. It takes 7 grams of ground coffee to make one espresso shot. Double the dose for a double espresso or add more if you want a stronger taste (always with measure of course).
  5. Always remember to use the tamper to press the ground coffee into the basket of the espresso machine to ensure that the grounds are packed evenly for a quality shot.

Ecco a Lei, as the Italians says upon serving!

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