Some prefer it simple, quick and cold; others hot, rich and… relaxed. Some like its basic ingredients to be milk and bread, while others prefer muesli and fruit. Made to cater to all tastes, needs and schedules, breakfast is the meal we start our day with and in one way or another it has an impact!

The nutritional value of breakfast has been the subject of many studies, all of which concur that as a meal, it covers at least 25% of our daily needs in energy and nutrients. It is, as we know, the first meal we eat after fasting through the night and it is therefore considered the most important source of energy for the day.

There is no commonly accepted recipe of ingredients required for an adult’s or child’s breakfast; instead it is up to each person’s dietary habits, needs, activities and preferences.

A typical example of this is the variety of ingredients that can be found in different countries across the world, such as Scotland where they prefer a bowl of porridge, England where they eat eggs, sausage, bacon, baked beans and mushrooms, and Cuba where breakfast includes café con leche (that is coffee with milk), served with tostada, which is slices of toast with butter, which Cubans like to dip in their coffee.

A traditional breakfast in Switzerland includes Birchermüesli, which is what we have all come to know as muesli, while our neighbours in Israel eat eggs cooked in spicy tomato sauce served with pita. In Cyprus today, we can find touches from many global traditional breakfast recipes, with a good example being the French croissant.

An authentic Cypriot breakfast experience would include ‘yiayia’s” (grandmother’s) yeast village bread, cheeses such as halloumi, anari, kefalotyri and the Paphos cheese used to make flaounes, olives, goat’s milk yoghurt, carob honey, as well as Cypriot charcuterie such as lountza, chiromeri and posyrti and much more.  Completing the Cypriot breakfast table of course we have local vegetables and greens, as well as freshly-squeezed juices from seasonal fruits, or coffee of your choice, in all its modern versions.

Regardless of what ingredients you choose, breakfast must be a source of protein, calcium, carbohydrates, vitamins and fibre.

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