It’s summer and it’s the best time to go to the beach. During this season, we wear swimwear and use towels all the time. However, this increases the risk for infections, mostly for women, as humidity and sand provide the ideal environment for the proliferation of germs.

Are you sure that you are washing and drying your towels properly? Perhaps you’re not entirely sure, and for this reason we will give you some tried-and-tested hygiene advice for towels. It’s an article of clothing which comes in direct contact with the naked body, and as such, it should definitely be clean and dry, prior to each use.

First of all, towels need to be washed regularly – ideally after around three uses or after each swim, if you think that they got really dirty. Avoid using fabric softener every time, because it can have the exact opposite result and make the towels coarse and rough. On the contrary, using white vinegar during each wash (1 cup per load is enough, along with detergent) both sanitises and softens the clothing. If the towels are worn out due to frequent use, you can use half a cup of baking soda with detergent during the washing cycle, and one cup of vinegar during the rinsing cycle, so that it successfully dissolves any salt residue in the cloth.

Above all, after washing, shake and lay out the towels so that they are completely dry, getting rid of any moisture. The habit of letting them simply hang on a hook to dry may be convenient, but it is actually the worst practice, both for our own hygiene and the care of the towel, since it facilitates the growth of bacteria and mould. Ideally, now that the weather is better, you can lay out the towels in an open space and let them dry in the sun. Using a dryer, even for only five minutes, can also help keep your towels soft.

If you don’t have the option to wash your beach towel after each swim, then at least make sure that you have shaken it well, both before and after drying, getting rid of any sand residue. 

Swim without worrying, with clean and soft towels. You can find Alfamega Hypermarkets’ offers on cleaning and care products for clothes, in our latest leaflet.