A lot of people only learned about coconuts through the different survival TV shows that came out in recent years. It was the only food that could be found everywhere on the exotic beaches they were shooting. In fact, however, coconuts were very popular in Cyprus in the 80s and 90s. Older generations will remember the coconut snacks that were sold at kiosks and supermarkets.

A food closely associated with exotic locations, coconuts are more than just a simple fruit; it’s a real superfood, which we can enjoy in many different forms. They can be used for a variety of things; to make cosmetic products, or to even make bed mattresses from their husk.

From its fruit we can get coconut water, milk, oil, flour and sugar, all of them highly nutritious, low in fat, gluten- and lactose-free – features that make it more and more popular for people who watch their diet, as well as people who make baby food.

Specifically, coconut milk is a main ingredient in Thai and Indian cuisines, mainly in its condensed form. Today, coconut milk is widely available on the market and it’s advertised as a source of calcium and vitamins, especially for people who avoid animal products or are lactose intolerant. Also, coconut water is very rich in electrolytes and that’s why it is preferred by athletes looking to replenish their low energy after exercising.

Another significant product is solidified coconut oil, which becomes liquid at high temperatures. It’s suitable for frying as well as baking sweet or savoury dishes. Especially for desserts, we also recommend using coconut flour and coconut sugar, as these are rich in fibres and retain the fruit’s many nutrients:

Coconut is rich in iron, magnesium, vitamins, calcium, fat-soluble, fibres and many other nutrients. Thanks to these, coconut aids in the proper functioning of the immune system and the digestive tract. It also helps prevent infections, improves skin and hair health, and even revitalises the thyroid gland.

Give coconut products a try, you’re not going to regret it!

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