Many have attempted making it with quinoa, beetroot, legumes or even fish, but the ground beef burger still reigns “king” of fast-food culture. The authentic burger is… sloppy! Forget all about etiquette, meet it hands-on and get down and dirty, accepting that you are probably becoming a spectacle to the table across. Since you are going to sin, you might as well enjoy every mouthful to the fullest!

Have you ever wondered, what the secret is behind fast-food joint burgers being irresistibly delicious, while your own homemade burger patty seems to always come… second? There are certain tips which can elevate your burger’s flavour, so it can finally compete with those served elsewhere. Let’s start, however, from the beginning.

First and foremost, is choosing the meat. Experts recommend using ground beef with the right fat-to-meat ratio, being prime grade (black angus) and minced only once. Make sure to ask for either round, sirloin or chuck ground beef, with fat ranging between 15% to 20%. If you have been adding a variety of spices to enrich your patty’s flavour, we suggest you avoid doing so from now on. What a burger really needs, is some salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Another important component to any successful burger is shaping the patty. The principal rule is working the ground beef exclusively with your hands, shaping it using gentle movement and making a small concave indentation in the middle of each patty. Remember not to make your burgers too big, since the smaller the burger, the juicier it is. Another unspoken rule when it comes to the size of a successful burger is that you should be able to eat it using just one hand. This means that you shouldn’t overdo it with the complementary ingredients so that you can taste everything in one bite.

For even juicier burgers, keep in mind that you won’t need a grill, but a pan. Fry the patty in a cast iron pan, paying attention not to squash it with a spatula while cooking. Cooking in the pan shouldn’t be a nuisance at all. Cook for 4-5 minutes on each side and your burger is ready.

Straight after, give the bun of your choice a quick dip in the pan so that it absorbs some of the burger’s flavour, add cheese according to your preference, everything from blue cheese to cheddar, your favourite sauce, including a generous portion of homemade French fries and the legendary coleslaw as a side. Our stomach is rumbling already!

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