Let’s admit it. The quarantine has increased our appetite. We have been raiding the fridge, digging out treats from our cupboards and consuming everything in sight with an inexplicable gusto, like there will be no tomorrow.

The truth is, food is a pleasure and, in a sense, can work like a “balm” for the soul in times of isolation. But it won’t be long before the scales rear their ugly head, what with summer being just around the corner, so it would be best that it found us prepared. We won’t put a padlock on the fridge of course; but we could set some boundaries, and regulate our daily diet with a specific schedule.

“Schedule” is a key word in times of quarantine. It is what will keep us mentally and physically healthy. You can schedule your work from home in a way that you are not totally consumed by it, you can set a time aside for exercise and you can certainly put your dietary habits in order.

Now that you see yourself as somewhat of a master chef, what with being forced to spend more time in the kitchen than ever, this would be a good opportunity to adopt a healthy way of living. Start off by eating regular meals and setting specific times for them in the day, so that you can keep your metabolism alert.

Make sure you don’t have crisps, biscuits, chocolates and any other food with a high calorie content in the house, which can distract you and steer you away from the goals you have set, and instead focus on foods with a low calorie count, such as vegetables and fresh fruit, which you can establish as snacks.

Avoid preparing food and sweets with a high calorie content, just to bide time, and limit take-out orders to a minimum. It would be good if you also followed a specific weekly diet, to ensure that you have full control over it.

A good way to achieve your goals is to try and use any spare time productively, so that your brain is constantly occupied. The best way to keep yourself occupied is physical exercise. “We stay at home” does not mean “we state inactive”. Put on your exercise gear, download an exercise app on your phone and start your routine. There is a variety of exercise apps, which can monitor and record your performance, while helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Also, don’t forget to weigh yourself regularly. It is a small reminder for you to stick to your schedule.

The time is there; let’s make sure we take advantage of it in the best way possible!

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