The modern woman likes to take care of herself, and rightly so – she considers personal care to be above all, a matter of self-respect.

Today, most women are exhausted by their daily routines, since they are consistently called to respond to a series of demanding roles. Thus, they have to reward themselves for their effort, by getting the best cosmetic products for their face, body and hair.

Many women, without realising, are using cosmetic products with harmful chemical substances, on a daily basis. In the last few years, natural cosmetics – which respect our bodies and don’t contain any chemicals – are gaining ground in the beauty market.

The Velvet – Love for Nature products are also part of this category. As the name suggests, these products are made from oils and essences of Mediterranean plants. They offer all of the valuable moisturizing, antioxidant, soothing, anti-irritant and rejuvenating properties, while leaving a sense of freshness and a velvet, silky texture.

The products are made from natural extracts, oils and essences of Mediterranean plants with special properties and moisturizing, antioxidant and rejuvenating effects. Ingredients include organic olive oil, green tea, organic lavender, chamomile, Karite butter, organic orange blossom distillate, natural amaranth extract, Argan oil, grape extract, mastiha, Abyssinian oil, calendula, Aloe Vera, honey, wheat and quinoa proteins, milk proteins, pomegranate, cucumber, hamamelis, avocado oil, Jojoba oil, almond oil, sunflower oil, wheat germ, cotton, banana tree, nettle, green clay and fruit acids.

For instance, orange flowers have refreshing, invigorating and softening properties, which contribute to skin anti-aging and the renewal of skin cells. Amaranth contributes to the renewal of skin cells and can help with skin irritation and acne. On the other hand, lavender, as is well-known, has calming and moisturising properties, while it soothes irritations and is suitable for sensitive skin.

Velvet – Love for Nature turned to nature with a view to create a range of products, suited to every need. Products include cleansing milks, exfoliating gels, anti-wrinkle creams, masks, toning lotions, and hair products. Velvet also makes unique natural care products for the body and hands.

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