Cypriot tradition is still being kept alive in our villages, by the new generations that have taken on the role of continuing the work of their grandmothers and grandfathers, thus safeguarding our cultural heritage. Thanks to these efforts, the Cypriot table will also boast halloumi, anari, lountza, pastourmas, chiromeri, and sausage.

Using the original, traditional recipes of their mother, Yiayia Kakoulou, the Petrou brothers have been supplying the Cypriot market with dairy products since 1982, under the trade name “Alambra”. In honour of Yiayia Kakoulou, who used to make dairy products from milk produced at the family farm, the brothers created a series of products under the brand name “I YIAYIA”, which managed to enter every home in Cyprus – and not only. The company currently exports its halloumi to more than 30 countries worldwide.

Delicatessen meats are also an integral part of our country’s tradition, such as sausage, lountza and pastourmas, which started being produced in the old days out of the need to preserve meat for long periods of time.

In the village of Dymes in the heart of Pitsilia, Marios and Renos Kyriakides took over the “Allantika Dymes” family business around three decades ago, following in their father and mother’s successful footsteps. And it is still going strong today. It all began towards the end of the 1970s, when Mr Andreas, a bus driver, used to take chiromeri and sausages made by his fellow villagers to his friends in Limassol. Over the course of time, he decided with his wife to start making delicatessen meats for their family, but also to sell to some friends.

So, the story of the Kyriakides family’s delicatessen meat making began back in the 1970s, in their home kitchen in the village of Dymes, and it carries on today, in a professional workplace with state-of-the-art equipment, where around 100 tonnes of delicatessen meat are produced each year. The sausage accounts for the majority of annual sales, while pastourmas and wine lountza are also very popular. The secret to their success, according to the Kyriakides brothers is the fact that they use top quality meat, as well as the fact that they avoid using preservatives.

Cypriot traditional delicatessen meats and dairy products are the secret to a tasty Cypriot sandwich and the best option for the platters you will make to elevate an evening with friends and some good wine.

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