They live in colonies with impressive social organisation and work tirelessly throughout the summer in order to stock up for the entire year. We are referring of course to ants, which number 20,000 different species and have colonised the entire planet – at least one of these can be found in our homes, especially during the summer months!

If their presence in your home has become a nuisance, there are natural ways to get rid of them. To begin with, you need to figure out where they are entering the house from. It may be the door, window or a hole. When it comes to sliding doors, screens are becoming more and more popular as a measure of protection against unwanted visitors such as insects, while if you spot a hole that is being used as an entryway, you can fill it up with some stucco.

Once you close off the entry source, you will then have to disinfect the areas where the ants gather, on the one hand to get rid of them and on the other, to avert them from coming back. Ideally, use natural insect repellents, such as vinegar or lemon diluted with some lukewarm water. For best results, spray the ants directly with the solution and then mop the floor and clean the counters with it. Other natural means that repel ants include alcohol with washing up liquid, coffee grounds, corn-starch and even pepper!

Then it is important to spray the area with some air freshener, as strong odours repel ants. Opt for ready- or home-made essential oils containing mint, cinnamon, peppermint or bay leave, which ants do not like. If you have plants, spray them as well as they attract insects and ideally, get some fresh mint or peppermint plants for even better results.

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