Every time you get in from work, it greets you with the same enthusiasm, announcing it to the whole neighbourhood. With it you become a child again, and its magic tail wagging is enough to rid your mind of all negative thoughts. A dog is not just man’s best friend. It is a four-legged adorable “troublemaker” that pushes you to be a better person at every opportunity, and significantly contributes to improving your physical and mental well-being.

First of all, it forces you to walk daily, helping you stay in shape. Dog owners who frequently take their pets on walks are 34% more likely to reach the necessary level of physical activity. Additionally, during your walk, your dog will force you to socialise, taking the initiative to break the ice with passers-by. A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology suggests that pet owners are more extroverted and highly confident.

A dog’s presence in the house has also been associated with reduced blood pressure and increased levels of happy hormones, meaning serotonin, prolactin and oxytocin, which help tackle the stress hormone cortisol. This means its companionship alone is the best stress reliever, as is petting and playing with your pet.

People feel better when they have physical contact with others, and so do pets. Petting them is soothing. Scientific research has shown that hugging your puppy can lower your heart rate and calm you down after a stressful event.

In addition, a dog can provide safety as well as make you feel protected, since in the face of a potential threat, such as your home being burgled, it will react immediately, alerting you to the danger.

All you need is to be consistent with its meal times, be open to play-time when it brings you a ball and take it for a walk when it shows you its leash. And of course, a dog wants you to show it the necessary affection when it rolls on its back and… melt when it looks at you with its irresistible puppy eyes. When you show it the slightest of love, a dog will return it tenfold!

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