When we talk about Gin, whether we want to or not, we always think about England. And not without reason, as it is the country’s national drink.

In Medieval Western Europe, they were using Gin as a medicine. It was later used as an additive to pharmaceutical solutions for the prevention of malaria in the British colonies. That’s how – by dissolving it in carbonated water – the first gin & tonic was made!

Gin has a lot of fans but there’s also a lot of people who think it has a bitter taste. Those who reject it, are probably not aware that they’re already enjoying it, as Gin serves as the base for the majority of cocktails.

Negroni for example consists of one third Campari, one third sweet vermouth and one third Gin. Gin Fizz is made from Gin, lime or lemon juice, soda water, sugar and an optional egg white. Tom Collins is made with a lemon juice base, sugar, carbonated water and gin. Gimlet is made from gin, lime juice and sugar syrup.

As for the secret to making the perfect gin & tonic, there are some basic steps that you should take, in order to achieve the desired result. You must definitely freeze gin and use tonic water from a bottle you have just opened. Also, you should use limes instead of lemons.

There are different types of Gins. Low-quality Gin is made without distillation, with the addition of artificial flavourings to pure alcohol. Distilled Gin is made by distilling ethyl alcohol and adding juniper berries and other botanicals. London Gin is exclusively made from ethanol of natural origin, while its perfume is obtained by distilling ethyl alcohol and adding botanicals and pinecone seeds.

It should be noted that Gin is one of the lowest-calorie alcoholic drinks, while scientists confirm that consuming it in moderation has multiple health benefits. Between others, it is believed that Gin benefits blood circulation and thus helps people live longer, it has anti-ageing properties just like wine, it is a diuretic, it helps with digestion, it prevents malaria and relaxes the joints. It is also believed that Gin is able to fight off a number of illnesses due to the juniper berries, which have many medical properties. If you weren’t a fan of Gin up until now, tasting it once more may change your mind and make you understand why the English love it so much!


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