An ancient saying goes that “we are what we eat,” meaning that nutrition has an impact on our well-being and our mood. And indeed, many centuries later, researchers agree that proper nutrition does not only contribute to better physical health, but also to reducing the anxiety of the modern lifestyle, by promoting mental well-being.

Your diet should be varied and shouldn’t be focused on a single nutrient.  Ideally, it should include low-fat foods, sugar and salt, and contain plenty of iron, vitamins and calcium. Add more legumes, vegetables, fruits and whole grain products to your diet and make sure that you are eating plenty of small meals throughout the day, starting with a nutritious breakfast.

Try to avoid processed foods that contain many unnecessary calories and are thus energy-draining. If you feel you need energy, choose seafood, leafy vegetables, lentils, nuts and whole grains.

Do not exclude fatty foods from your diet. Fish, dairy and free-range eggs contain beneficial fats that aren’t fattening, but on the contrary keep us satisfied and healthy.

You could also choose a vegetarian diet, which has proven to be particularly beneficial. Currently, there are many options for vegetarians, even meat substitutes. But if you are not ready to give up meat, then be sure to buy good-quality meat, such as meat from free-range animals, which aren’t nourished with feeding stuffs.

Finally, biological (or organic) products are a safe choice that should gradually become a general trend. Organic vegetables are grown without the use of insecticides and pesticides, and as such, they are free from toxins that are very often found – sometimes in large quantities – in food. You should prefer vegetables with thin or no skin, such as apples, peaches or celery, since vegetable skin comes in direct contact with pesticides. Finally, you should prefer to pick out organic vegetables.

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