Summer is the time of year when each of us has every right to be lazy. Everyday life is “paused” and our routines change. Our priorities shift to the sun, the sea and relaxing at the beach. It is justifiably the favourite season of both children and adults, but at the same time it is arguably the worst season for our hair.

The sun and the sea can damage your hair, making it dry and brittle. So, if you want to have healthy hair even in the summer, being carefree can wait a while, until you at least make sure you are taking the right steps. Below, you will find tips that you can incorporate in your daily routine, so that your hair becomes resistant to the heat and saltiness of the summer.


  • It has been proven that high temperatures can be destructive to hair. Especially on very hot summer days, avoid using a hair dryer or straightening iron and let your hair dry naturally. After all, it can’t be summer, without carefree hair.


  • It is best to wash your hair on a daily basis in the summer months, making sure to thoroughly remove any chlorine or salt and sand residues. For washing, use shampoos especially made for dry hair and choose a leave-in conditioner that does not need rinsing for better hydration. Also, make sure you apply a mask at least twice a week.


  • There are sunscreens for hair, similar to those for the body. It is good to always have sunscreen in your bag so that you can go to the beach prepared. For even greater protection of your hair from the sun, add a hat to your beach look.


  • Your hair’s best ally in the summer is eating well and drinking plenty of water. So make sure you are constantly hydrated and eat foods that contain nutrients for healthy hair, such as iron, vitamin C, biotin, zinc and selenium.


  • Before diving into the sea, wet your hair with fresh water, so that it absorbs the clean water first. You can then add a little nourishing oil, so you can go into “battle” fully prepared. Happy swimming!

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