Granted ice cream is like French fries; (almost) nobody can resist it. Especially in countries such as ours, where temperatures are really high in the summer. This refreshing dessert that originated in China as a combination of ice, milk and cooked rice, evolved into a real craft in Italy, two centuries before refrigerators were invented. Today it is the popular frozen delight enjoyed by children and adults across the globe.

It’s available in countless flavours; just think of a food you enjoy, not necessarily sweet, and a creative ice cream chef will be able to make it for you, if you don’t wish to experiment at home. You can really elevate ice cream, if you combine it with other sweet or savoury dishes, preferably hot ones. The end result can be mind-blowing!

One of the most common combinations, is ice cream and crepes; hazelnut praline, marmalade or plain crepes go splendidly with two scoops of ice cream on top. While waffles have a similar consistency as crepes, they are a lot fluffier due to the appliance they are cooked in.  A scoop of ice cream on top of their honeycomb pattern, when they are still hot and crunchy, only elevates their taste. Beyond the classic flavours, waffles go well with vanilla ice cream topped off with honey, walnuts and cinnamon.

Vanilla ice cream, probably the most discreet flavour, goes beautifully with fluffy desserts, hot from the oven. Try to serve hot apple pie, brownie or lava cake with a scoop of vanilla or strawberry ice cream and the result will not disappoint.

If you want something a little more creative, you can create an ice cream sandwich with whatever is lying around at your house; two biscuits (one on top and one on the bottom) and your preferred ice cream in the middle – cinnamon biscuits or Oreos are the right biscuits for the job. Two slices of cake or even crackers can also be used to make an ice cream sandwich. If you don’t…feel guilty about the excessive calories, then you can – even once – try the ultimate “sin”; use a cake slice as a base, add ice cream, then cover with another slice of cake and finally top it off with warm, savoury popcorn and cinnamon syrup!

If on the other hand you prefer something simpler and more nutritious, you can serve ice cream inside a watermelon split in half, with raspberry syrup on top – the result will be very refreshing.

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