Protecting the environment is not a matter of choice. It’s now everyone’s responsibility to change our habits and way of life, if we want a better quality of life, for us and our children.

One of the changes that recently came into our lives, is the reduction in the use of plastic bags, until they are fully banned. More and more people are using reusable or fabric bags in their daily lives for shopping at the supermarket, the bakery or even at the kiosk. If you are an environmentally-conscious person (and you exclusively use reusable or fabric bags for your shopping) you should also adhere to some basic hygiene rules.

For example, be sure to use the reusable supermarket bags exclusively for this purpose.

Do not store the reusable bags in high-temperature locations, since they provide the ideal breeding grounds for bacteria. As such, you shouldn’t store them in your car, especially in the summer, with the high temperatures recorded in our country.

You should wash the bags frequently, in order to reduce the chances of infecting the food that you are carrying.

  • Be sure to use a different bag when transporting meat and products for immediate consumption, such as bread.
  • The Food Standards Agency suggests that we use reusable or fabric bags, for different products. One for raw foods, another for canned food and another for cleaning products or toiletries.
  • Remember to replace old reusable bags with new ones, if you notice that they have been worn out.
  • If, on the other hand, you are one of the few people that haven’t started using reusable bags yet, you should try it by buying some durable bags of your preference. It is important to store them somewhere you can see them, so that you remember to take them with you when you go shopping. Eventually, it will become a habit!