The time is now. After a long winter that truly felt never-ending, we are only one breath away from summer.

The heavy winter clothes are finally going back to our top drawers and light summer clothes are taking their place in the bottom drawers. The floral dresses, the comfortable linen pants, the kaftans, the beach cover-ups, the sandals and the platforms, the comfortable shorts and the Bermuda shorts are all coming back to our daily lives.

The windows and doors of our houses are opening up to welcome the last spring scents and the cool air before the first heatwave arrives. Our neighbourhoods are filling up with the voices of children that are cycling around. The verandas and yards of our houses are turning into places of relaxation for our afternoons or evenings. Our fridges are getting filled with the fruit and cool drinks that will keep us company.

Summer means being careless, sunbathing in the sun or on the side of the pool, diving in the sea, vacationing on the Greek islands. Summer means ice-cream, cherries, watermelon, peaches, apricots, iced lemonade, ice-cold beers, cool cocktails, ouzo and having fish right next to the sea.

For each one of us, summer represents something different. When one hears the word summer, they might remember an exotic country they visited, or their last magical holidays on that beautiful Aegean island. They may even be flooded with memories from those unforgettable and loving family holidays or those never-ending summers of carelessness with grandma and grandpa in the village.

You will find very few people that claim they don’t like summer. It’s no accident that a lot of songs about winter provoke feelings of depression. On the contrary, summer inspired dozens of lyricists and composers, as it has been linked to flirting, love, good mood, carelessness, vacations and nostalgia.

We must be a little more patient.  The most beautiful season of the year is already on our doorstep. The only thing you need to do is put on a smile, prepare a backpack with only the essentials and plan the next beach party with your loved ones or the vacations you always dreamed of and rightfully deserve, after a difficult and tiring winter.