The most carefree time of the year is already at our doorstep. Time to go to the beach, sunbathe, play in the sand, dive in the sea and spend countless hours relaxing on the sun loungers by the sea or the pool with a cocktail or a cold beer in hand.  Just what we need after the long winter that passed.

So, let’s enjoy the summer, but let’s not forget that at this time of the year we must take care of our skin and hair, as both suffer from the long exposure to the sun, the sea salt, and even the chlorine in the pool.

Keep in mind that protection from the sun around the year and especially during the summer season, is not only needed for the skin but also the hair. Our hair, unlike us, does not particularly enjoy the summer. Especially in the summer, hair needs proper hydration to prevent dehydration and hair breakage, so as to protect the “trademark of femininity”.

In order to properly moisturise our hair, it is extremely important to choose the right shampoo according to our own hair type. At the same time, we need to apply a hair mask for deep cleansing and hydration at least two to three times a week. Moisturising products, such as oils, are also necessary this season, since we often tie our hair up in ponytails and tresses, thereby damaging the edges of our hair.

The sun, the salt and the chlorine make our hair dry and brittle. With this in mind, we should not forget to include among the rest of our beach beauty products, a hair sunscreen product, either in spray or gel form. Hats also provide significant protection from the sun.

Hair and especially dyed hair, needs to be protected from the sun in order to keep its colour, vitality and healthy texture. Even if your hair is not dyed, taking care of your hair with sunscreen products is a must and should not be…put on hold.

Experts say that if your hair is already damp (with a bit of tap water) when you enter the sea or the pool, it will be less damaged by the chlorinated water of the pool and sea salt. On the market, you can also find products that both protect from the sun and nourish damaged hair.

At Alphamega Hypermarkets, you will find products for hair protection, conditioners and moisturisers, in view of the summer. You can find our offers in our latest brochure.