Kefir is a cross between milk and yoghurt, but its nutritional value far exceeds both of these widely popular foods. It has the runny consistency of milk and the sour taste of yoghurt and contains many microorganisms that make it exceptionally beneficial and nutritional for our body.

It’s a traditional drink, which for centuries, has been produced and consumed on a daily basis by Middle Eastern and Caucasian peoples. Kefir is produced from cow, sheep or goat milk with the addition of kefir grains, that is, a “colony” of bacteria and fungi that contribute to the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal system. Nowadays, kefir is widely marketed as a commercial product by the dairy industry. However, for many centuries, kefir was made at home, in goatskin bags.  The bags were hung somewhere high enough to be regularly knocked on, in order to mix the kefir culture in the milk. More milk was regularly added.

Kefir is considered to have largely contributed to the longevity of Caucasians and Middle Eastern peoples, living in conditions that didn’t favour the intake of a wide variety of nutritional foods. Thanks to the rich combination of nutrients and probiotics – even more than yoghurt, which is highly probiotic – it is proven to aid significantly in the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal system and in the regeneration of cells. It fights constipation and intestine disorders, while it’s rich in vitamins and proteins and especially calcium, improving bone health even in lactose intolerant individuals, since it contains only a small amount of lactose. Moreover, kefir strengthens the immune system, combats the growth of harmful bacteria such as salmonella and the intestinal bacteria E.Coli, while it also contributes to weight loss.

You can have it in the morning, kick-starting your day with a stimulating drink. You can drink it on its own or in combination with other nutritional foods, such as nuts, tahini, fruits etc. A glass of kefir before you go to bed can soothe the stomach after the meals of the day.

Ayran, which is similar to kefir and has been especially popular in Cyprus for centuries, is a light and refreshing drink which is made from yoghurt cultures, water, salt and spear mint – at least here in Cyprus. Many Eastern peoples prefer ayran as a refreshing drink for those hot summer days or even as a substitute to soda, drinking it every day.

You will not regret trying them!

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