If just by reading the title you’ve braced yourselves for another article with nutrition and exercise advice, then you’re out of luck. Indeed, many people are preparing tirelessly all year round for this moment. They spend endless hours at the gym trying to get their dream body, they follow special diets with military-like discipline, and deprive themselves of all gastronomic delights. Most of us, love to have fun of course, and we cannot even consider giving up the joys of life. Regardless which category you belong in, going to the beach is a must and cannot be postponed. The beach is waiting for us, and has enough space for everyone. No matter if we’ve specifically…trained for it or not.

In reality, preparing for the beach, has more to do with the things we need to take with us. If you are single, then your lives are clearly simpler in general, more so when it comes to the beach! You will not need anything more than just a towel, your sunscreen (for the face and body, and hair for the girls) and good company. But if you have a family, whether you go to an organised beach or not, you will need to take a lot more than just the basics.

Every mom makes sure that they have a large enough bag that literally fits everything. Towels for everyone and a make-up bag with high-SPF sunscreens for the whole family, as well as ointment for potential – even if undesirable – bites or burns. Beach umbrellas are a must for families, regardless of whether the beach you’re going to is organised or not. When you go to the beach with your family, you can’t take risks. A cooler is an essential beach accessory for everyone but especially families. It’s essential so as to keep dad’s beer icy cold, the children’s water and juice cool, as well as preserve the fruit and sandwiches that every mom has so very carefully prepared for the beach beforehand, so that her children have everything they may need. Every mom remembers to put a second change of clothes in the beach bag as well as a second swimsuit for her children. Hats for sun protection are a must for both youngsters and adults.

And for God’s sake: Don’t forget the children’s beach buckets. Such mistakes are not permitted and someone usually has to pay for them; both with nagging and cash!

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