Whether it’s the Office Christmas party, or the New Year’s Eve party, the markets, the live links or the cocktail parties along the high streets, one thing is for sure; drinking plays an important role in the festivities. You can’t have a festive mood without a bit of alcohol after all.

If you are planning to have your own Christmas party at home, we suggest that you serve Christmas drinks or popular drinks with a festive twist that will impress your guests.

Your bar should not be lacking some of the most popular choices, like red and white wine, but also white sparkling wine (or champagne), which you can serve with two fresh strawberries. Alternatively, you can offer your guests Prosecco, and add a small stick of frozen cranberries to give it extra flavour and a festive note.

Mulled wine, the warm and spiced red wine, is a firm favourite during the festive season. You’ve been enjoying it for years at various Christmas markets and events, but now it’s time to dare try making it at home. Preparing it does not take that long, provided you have all the necessary ingredients. It is made by combining dry red wine (Agiorgitiko or Merlot or Pinot noir) with oranges, cinnamon sticks, cardamom, nutmeg, star anise, cloves, a bit of brandy or cognac, water and sugar. Its spiced aroma will get the festive mood going straight away.

If you would like to pleasantly surprise your guests, opt for a Hot Toddy. It is hot, as its name implies, and particularly popular in Scotland. To make it, you will need boiling water, cloves, lemon peel, brown sugar, fresh lemon juice and bourbon or whiskey.

The Jingle Juice, also very popular abroad, is a Christmas punch made from red moscato wine, cranberry and apple juice, Prosecco, vodka and frozen cranberries. You first coat the rim of the glass with sugar, and serve it with mint leaves and a slice of lime.

But by far the most popular drink at every Christmas party is Eggnog, which you will have surely tried if you’ve ever been to America at this time of year. It is thick, sweet, tasty and it is made of eggs, milk, cream, nutmeg and a little brandy or sherry. Don’t be concerned that it contains eggs, your guests will definitely enjoy it.

For those who insist on the classic choice of Whiskey Cola, you can make their favourite drink with a festive twist. Add coffee liqueur, condensed milk or whipped cream and cinnamon to the drink and mix until it has a milkshake texture. And… bottoms up!

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