It’s summer and you’re getting ready to enjoy the evening on your veranda, with an icy beer or a glass of cool wine. What’s better than accompanying your drink with a platter, nibbling on something light but filling, such as a variety of cheeses, charcuterie or even fruit?

Platters can be improvised on the spot; however, a few tips are always welcome and can positively impact the taste, presentation and even the final satisfaction. Choose a wooden serving board or a big platter and begin. Firstly, the content; the main stars of any platter are the cheeses and the charcuterie. Pick the best of both worlds – e.g. soft and hard cheese, such as Edam, parmesan, gruyere, along with salami, lountza, smoked turkey, prosciutto etc –, while also considering your guests’ preference, in the case where you’ve invited people over.

Begin by decorating the platter with the larger pieces and then fill the gaps with the smaller ones. If your ingredients are chopped, remember that they must be bite-sized, so that they can be eaten easily and quickly. The platter’s contents must be arranged by type – even different types of cheese must be arranged per type, so that they stand out or else they’ll get lost in the mix.

You can also give your platter some variety. Apart from basic ingredients (cheese, charcuterie) you can add two to three dips and options of bread sticks or crackers on the side. If you give it some colour, then the result will be even better. A beetroot dip for example is impressive and fits beautifully next to the cheese and crackers – the same goes for avocado sauce or marmalade. Fruit, both fresh and dry, can also be a very fitting option, making the platter stand out and adding colour. You can even decorate your platter with fresh grapes, dry figs, apricots etc.

When you’ve completed the basic design of the platter, try to cover the gaps by adding salad leaves (e.g. lettuce, spinach, rocket leaves) and nuts or fruit.

Have a good summer, and bon appétit!

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