Mexico is somewhat far away from our little island, but surely, we’ve all travelled to that country, even… with the help of food. The Mexican cuisine has many particular dishes that many of us have tried and loved.

It is perhaps one of the most colourful cuisines with the most intense flavours, always relying on fresh ingredients, harmoniously combining spicy and cooler flavours. Its roots date back to the Aztecs and Mayans. However, the Spanish influence is also very strong, since the latter conquered the country in 1519.

As it happens in many regions of the world, each region of Mexico has certain dominant dishes. Northern Mexico is well known for its beef dishes, the Gulf of Mexico is known for its seafood, while spicy dishes based on vegetables and chicken, dominate the Southeast region of the country.

Who can resist the famous Mexican … equivalent of souvlaki, the burrito? Burritos consist of meat, or in some cases fish, wrapped in tortilla and filled with potatoes, rice, beans, Mexican cheese and stuffed pepper. It is more popular in Northern Mexico and can be eaten throughout the day. Fajitas are another popular Mexican dish, made with soft tortillas, strips of grilled beef, marinated in hot sauce and served with an equally hot sauce.

When talking about Mexican cuisine, surely our minds go to the famous tacos, consisting of a folded tortilla, filled with corn, minced meat (pork or chicken), lettuce and grated cheese. Mexican Enchiladas have their roots in the Aztec era, and as the name suggests they consist of corn tortillas, filled with vegetables, meat or seafood, topped with chilli.

And if you weren’t lucky enough to try any of the above, we are certain that you’ve tried at least once, one of the most famous dips of the planet, the guacamole, made with ripe avocados, finely chopped tomatoes, lime juice, coriander, and chili pepper for those who like it…spicy!

Beyond the dishes with tortilla as a base, the Mexican cuisine includes many delicious dishes which are less well-known to us, such as albondigas. Albondigas are meatballs made from beef and pork mince, stuffed with eggs and served in broth or tomato and garlic sauce.

If with all of this… we managed to whet your appetite for Mexican food, you can bring Mexico to your kitchen. You will find dozens of original Mexican recipes online. The only thing you need to do is go to your local Hypermarket and find the freshest ingredients and perhaps a… sombrero to set the mood, in order to do it exactly like the Mexicans do!


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