Some people compare it to manners and others to art. Some follow it loyally and snub anyone who violates it, while others look at it more casually and not as something obvious. In any case, knowing how to live, or as the French say “savoir vivre”, entails some form of social protocol.  This protocol sets a wider framework of etiquette for every circumstance in a person’s life and especially when it’s time to eat; especially when it comes to placing and using cutlery. It does not cease however to be subjective, as it varies from one society to another. It doesn’t necessarily mean that people who are not following “savoir vivre”, don’t know how to live!

These following 10 instructions, exclusively aim to promote the harmonious co-existence of people sitting around a table and not only:

  1. During setting the table we first place the big plate. On its right we place the knives with the blade turned to the plate and the spoons for the soup. On the left side we place the forks for the main course and the salad. The set for the cheese and the dessert is placed, from the beginning, on the top of the plate, between the plate and the glasses. The glasses for wine and water are placed one next to the other, either on the top side of the plate or on the slight right side.
  2. We spread the napkin on our knees. We don’t place it around our neck, nor between our shirt’s buttons or elsewhere.
  3. We wait until everyone has been served before we start eating, especially if it is a table with few people.
  4. Objects that are unrelated to the food should be kept away from the table. This especially applies to mobile phones, which induce antisocial behaviour.
  5. If we are going to squeeze a lemon, we place our one hand as a shield in order to protect the people sitting next to us.
  6. We always use our hands for cover if we feel the need to sneeze, yawn or cough.
  7. We use the knife with our right hand and the fork with our left hand. If we are not used to it, we try to avoid it, so that we or the people sat next to us, do not end up with stains on our clothes.
  8. We always say “please” and “thank you”.
  9. When someone makes a toast saying “cheers”, we raise our glass and look each person in the eye, when clinking our glasses with them.
  10. Finally, the basic rule of knowing how to live is to understand when it’s better to ignore the rules or adjust them according to the current circumstances and the people who are present!

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