Summer equals sea. Sea equals vacation, a casual mood and light meals, preferably next to the waves. Ideally, a meal with fresh fish of the day, which still smells of fresh salt from the sea. Enough saltiness, that it’s wiped off the palate with every sip of the cool white wine. In the meantime, the foam of the sea is crushing on the pebbles, which are getting hot under the midday sun. Are you in? (In any case as we were typing, we understood what the phrase “feast your eyes” means.)

One of the greatest benefits of living on an island is the easy access to fish, either fresh or frozen. Even though you might not be able to look at the sea every day, it’s not very far from each Cypriot city. As such, regardless of the city, fish is part of the everyday diet for the island’s inhabitants. It is especially eaten during the Assumption day fasting in August.

Even if Cypriots are famous for eating meat, they nevertheless love eating good fish. There are also a lot of amateur fishermen, that have a lot of patience as well as passion. Each of the fishermen has countless stories about their time at sea, the unique techniques they use to improve their catch as well as what locations and times of the day one should choose. Not all fishermen are as great as they say (rumor has it that fishermen and hunters are always blowing their stories out of proportion), but certainly, they are all gourmands of the species.

Red mullet, squid, octopus, rabbitfish, whitebait, shrimp, parrot-fish, skate, sea brim, trout, sea bass, smelt, cod… They all make ideal basic ingredients for wonderful meals. Many of those are caught in the Cypriot seas or cultivated in fish farms, while the rest are imported from abroad. In any case, all of them can be cooked in many inventive ways, bringing to our plates a taste of summer. They can be consumed in fish soup (especially in the winter), they can be fried, cooked in the oven and the grill. They go perfectly with side dishes made from potatoes, vegetables and refreshing salads.

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