There’s nothing better on a summer evening than firing up the barbeque in your backyard or veranda, and having a good time with family or friends. Of course, you should know that it takes more than just a good grill to make your… attempt successful. A barbeque is no easy feat, unlike what most people believe. On the contrary, it requires good organisation, from preparing the meat up until serving, a talent in grilling and the proper tools.

Therefore, before you start inviting people to your home, make sure you are properly equipped with all the essentials. By using the appropriate tools, you can cook your meat in a way that ensures it does not dry out or lose any of its flavour. You will need stainless-steel tongs to turn your meat and anything else you are barbequing. If you use tweezers, the meat might lose its juiciness and you may end up with a dried-out result. If you’re grilling burgers, then you must definitely have a spatula to flip them over without them falling apart. You must also keep in mind that, if you prepare any special sauce to top the patty, you will also need a thick brush to spread it.

Don’t forget to ask your friends or family to help out, from the preparation stage to the cooking, as barbequing is clearly a process for the whole group. Gathering around the barbeque, with its enticing smells building everyone’s appetite, and nibbles winning over the dinner table, is undoubtedly the best part of the evening. For nibbling, you can even prepare finger food, as sometimes grilling can be rather time consuming.

Specifically, the cooking time will depend on the type of meat as well as the grilling method. Depending on their preference, your guests may ask for their meat to be medium, well-done, or even rare. In the first case, you will need to thoroughly cook your meat, both inside and outside, making sure to maintain its inner pinkish colour. As it comes to the rare doneness, the meat must be lightly cooked inside, so that the centre remains raw. The trick here is managing to cook the inside, but keeping the pinkish colour on the outside. As for well-done meat, there are no special… recommendations. It is what most Cypriot people prefer, well-done meat both inside and out.

Don’t forget to fill a cool box with all kinds of beer, to go with the nibbles! A barbeque without beer is like wine tasting without the cheese!

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