Who’s to say that a Valentine’s day date should always be a candle-lit dinner at your favourite restaurant? If you want to try something different, we have some ideas for a special dinner that if anything will be unforgettable.

Be creative

If you are really up to try something different, ask your partner if they want to have dinner at home. Make sure to cook dinner together, enjoying the whole process; from choosing the recipe and shopping for it, all through to its execution. After shopping, make sure that your kitchen is fully equipped with all the essentials, play your favourite music on the background and set free your inner Petretzikis.

If you like a good challenge, you can both go shopping on your own and buy up to five different ingredients each. In this way, you will gather 10 ingredients which must all be used to create your dinner and dessert. It is not a matter of skills; you only need imagination!

Food tasting

So far you have only attended wine tasting lessons. What would you say to experimenting with food tasting? Of course, we do not suggest you’ll become experts overnight. What we’re suggesting is that you have a fun and interesting night with your partner while discovering new flavours. What you need to do is go shopping and choose flavours that you have never tried before in your lives. To make things more interesting, it would be better if you shopped separately. Roam the aisles of a supermarket and grab whatever you find intriguing. Find the weirdest fruit, the weirdest chocolate or even, a weird new type of bread. Pass by the international cuisine aisle and choose the spiciest item you see on the shelf or whatever else stirs your interest. During your food tasting session with your partner, you can even record your reactions.

Truth or Dare?

If we are being honest, “truth” is boring. We suggest you choose “dare” and think of a mission for Valentine’s night, which will require a bit of… courage for you to accomplish. You can dress up as if you were going to go to a wedding. Wear your best clothes and nicest shoes, put on your favourite perfume, style your hair professionally at home and visit a fast food restaurant to enjoy an extravagant burger, with your hands of course. Combine it with your favourite soft drink and French fries with a bunch of mayonnaise and tomato sauce. As if you are a couple of 18-year-olds! And let others stare!

Dark Dining

Have you heard that there are restaurants abroad that serve dinner in the dark? They welcome you, blindfold you and let all of your other senses do the work. You can also try it at home, turning your Valentine’s day dinner into a game. Serve your food, after cutting it up in order to avoid…any accidents. Then place all of the essential items on the table, such as bread, salad, condiments and your drink. Then blindfold each other and enjoy the experience. Rest assured this will be the first time that you will focus so much on the taste and the smell of your food.

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