Preparation time 15 minutes

Ingredients for 8 glasses 

1ltr red wine

100ml rum

50ml brandy

½ ltr. Orange soft drink

½ ltr. White soft drink

2 green apples

2 red apples

2 oranges

2 limes

1 cinnamon stick

1 clove


  1. Slice 1 of each fruit and 2 limes and place in a jug.
  2. Pour in jug, red wine, rum, brandy, orange and white soft drink.
  3. Mix well, and then add cinnamon and clove. Keep in fringe overnight.
  4. Remove cinnamon and clove.
  5. Cut in small cubes the rest fruits and place in glasses.
  6. Served sangria very cold in glass with the fruits.


Lecturer/Instructor at Intercollege Culinary Arts

National Chefs Teams Director