Preparation Time 20 Minutes

Ingredients for 24cm Cake

250ml fresh cream

250gr cream cheese

100gr icing sugar

10 gelatin leafs soak in cold water

200gr pumpkin puree

250gr biscuits

130gr unsalted butter

5gr cinnamon powder


  1. For the base: crush biscuits, melt butter and mix. Add to cake forms a base.
  2. In mixer bowl, add cheese, cinnamon and icing sugar. Mix well.
  3. Then pour cream and beat well.
  4. Add pumpkin puree and fold in mixture.
  5. Finally, strain gelatin from water and melt in bain-mari. Add to mixture and fold in.
  6. Pour mixture in form.
  7. Keep in fridge for minimum 4 hours.

Lecturer/Instructor at Intercollege Culinary Arts

National Chefs Teams Director