Are you looking for ideas to decorate your Christmas tree and make it stand out for its beauty and style? Alphamega Hypermarkets vision merchandiser Giorgos Georgiou shares his decorating secrets and gives us tips for modern as well as classic Christmas decors.

Everything starts with a tree: A Christmas tree usually stands at 1.80m and can even be up to 2.10-2.40m, if the house has high ceilings. We recommend not to buy a tree that is less than 1.80m, since it can shrink when its base is opened.

As for the “real or artificial” dilemma, our vision merchandiser thinks that the artificial tree is certainly the best choice: “It is certainly better. It lasts for many years, while the real tree does not last long in pots and usually it cannot be replanted, since it comes with cut-off roots. A real tree has a life-span to survive until Christmas,” says Mr Georgiou. It is best to place the tree in a corner rather than by a window, because it loses part of its brightness by the window and it appears dark on one side.

Begin decorating with the lights: stretch the wire well and hide it between the leaves. If you prefer to have a modern tree, for example with candy ornaments, you should choose white lights so that the tree does not seem overloaded. Lights with a warm, yellow glow are recommended for more traditional trees, while if you have small children, you should put up more playful, multi-coloured lights.

As for the ornaments, there have to be plenty, to cover the entire tree, even if the house has a minimalist look. This year’s trends are red and white colours, as well as berries-candies. Ensure the decorations cover one another, so that the tree looks full. Other accessories that are used as tree decorations include small Santas, trains, airplanes, glitter houses and garlands. The star and the nativity scene are considered outdated, unless you cannot bear to go without them. Mr Georgiou’s advice is that if you wish to decorate the top of the tree, put something that aligns with the rest of the tree, such as 2-3 candies or berries If this is your decoration of choice.

Besides the tree, the rest of the house must be decorated for Christmas too, especially the common spaces that we use the most. Mr Georgiou suggests a festive wreath on the front door that matches the decorative theme used for the tree. If you have a fireplace, you can decorate it with a garland, while small details, such as little ornaments on tables and in corners, or even a table runner, can make all the difference.

Prepare your house for Christmas with a tree, decorations and accessories that you can find in great variety at Alphamega Hypermarkets. Check the offers in our last booklet and in our shops.