Everything started out because of their love for beer, but also their desire for something different. Two friends, James Watt & Martin Dickie created the alternative brewery ‘BrewDog’ in April 2007, aiming not to become richer, but firstly to discover more intense and refined flavours in beer, going against the conventional industrial beer that dominated the British market back then.


They didn’t have a genius marketing plan, apart from their passion for good beer. This passion, evidently, was the most certain road to success; a success which exceeded all expectations. Everything literally happened in 48 hours. The two friends rented a building in Fraserburgh, they got a loan and invested all of their money in equipment to produce craft beer. And just like that, their unbridled race towards success had begun.

In the beginning they were only making a few batches of beer. They were even filling each bottle by hand and with the help of their van, they were distributing their beer to the local market. Recognition was not long to come. Craft beers began gaining fanciful fans. Soon enough, they convinced the bank to finance their business expansion and bought more tanks and beer bottling machines. BrewDog managed to break out in the British market, while it shook things up with Tokyo, the UK’s strongest beer. They started exporting to Sweden, Japan, the United States, becoming the biggest independent brewery in Scotland.


BrewDog’s mission is to make people as passionate about craft beer as they are. As they say, they are committed to putting the passion, the flavour and the artisan craftsmanship back into people’s glasses. It’s rather impressive that they never stopped testing their limits, constantly expanding their business. They proceeded to open craft beer bars in the UK and overseas, while they recently launched a beer museum-hotel in Columbus, Ohio. BrewDog’s DogHouse hotel is the ideal destination for every beer lover.

Within 2008, the Scottish brewery is due to launch its second hotel in Aberdeen, Eastern Scotland. At the moment, the brewery is producing more than 60 different types of beer, while they also started experimenting with different types of alcohol. As a matter of fact, on the company’s 10-year anniversary, the two friends decided to revise their business plan, by giving 10% of their net profit to charity and another 10% to the company’s staff. Not bad for a company whose only motivation was the founders’ passion for good beer. Cheers!

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