“Septem” in Latin means seven; a number that symbolises the meaning of creation and which inspired the owners of its namesake brewery to create a beer for every day of the week.

Septem microbrewery is located in Orologio Municipal District of the Municipality of Avlona on the Greek island of Evia. It was established by Sophocles Panagiotou, a chemist-oenologist, and his brother Georgios Panagiotou, who is an economist. Combining their knowledge, they set up an innovative and environmentally friendly brewery in 2017, where they produced their first fresh, non-pasteurised beer two years later.

The aim of Septem’s creators is to become established as Greece’s leading microbrewery, whose beers set the bar high in terms of quality, offering consumers a unique culinary experience; and all this by using innovative technology and with full respect to the environment.

The innovation of the Septem brewery, according to its creators, is that it employs an “oenological philosophy”, with which it seeks the perfect structure and balance in order to highlight the characteristics of each variety, microclimate and crop.

To produce the unique flavour and quality of Septem beer, barley malt is first grounded and pre-mixed with malting hot water. The phase is completed by the extraction and mashing process, which leads to the filtration of the wort, that is to say the beer ‘must’. This is followed by the brewing of the wort and the addition of hops, which contributes to the aroma and the bitter taste of the beer. With the addition of yeast, the process goes into the alcoholic fermentation phase, followed by the brewing phase of the beer. To stabilise the taste, clarity and brilliance of the beer, the mixture is filtered and then bottled before it is ready for consumption.

It is worth noting that Septem has been distinguished internationally as a craft beer, winning a number of awards, and is today exported world-wide to countries in Europe, America and Asia.

The beers produced at the brewery include Monday’s Pilsner, Thursday’s Red Ale, Friday’s Pale Ale, Saturday’s Porter, Sunday’s Honey Golden, Septem Lava, Septem Kleos, Septem Dilemma, Septem Wet Hop Pale Ale, Septem WDay and Septem 8th day.

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