Do you remember when you were young and every morning you would run to the kitchen and fill your bowl with your favourite cereal? Whether it was with chocolate or honey, or had a hole in the middle or your favourite hero on its packaging, cereal was your favourite morning habit. Until you grew up and it stopped being your first choice for breakfast.

Now, you are more inclined to opt for a slice of toast, an omelette, superfoods or any other new food trends that try to claim a place in your range of culinary options. However, none of these can compete with cereal. First of all, cereal is a practical solution if you want to save time in the morning and a very healthy choice. A bowl of cereal and milk does not take more than two minutes to prepare, and it will give you all the energy and wellness – you need to start your day.

Cereal is not just carbohydrates. It also contains protein, fibre and vitamin B complex. In short, it is a balanced breakfast, rich in nutrients, that can reduce the feeling of hunger throughout the day, in turn limiting the need for snacking. Specifically, a serving of cereal provides about 20% of the total calories you need for the day and more than 30% of the recommended daily intake of calcium, iron and vitamin B-complex.

If you like experimenting, you can add dried or fresh fruit and nuts to your bowl of cereal, which are rich in antioxidants and vitamins. If you are trying to maintain your body weight, choose wholegrain cereals or oats, which is considered a cereal of high nutritional value.

You can also experiment with oats. A very popular combination is with banana, yoghurt and honey or with other fruit such as strawberries. Alternatively, you can cut the banana or any other fruit in small pieces and add it to the blender along with four tablespoons of oats and a little water. The result is very tasty, low in calories and can keep you going until noon.

If you prefer to enjoy your breakfast at the office, you can make crispy oatmeal cereal and fruit bars. It is the perfect combination with your morning coffee and the right boost for your day!

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