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Become a member of the Alphamega Family and take advantage of FREE shopping worth up to €40 at Alphamega Ηypermarkets.

The Alphamega Family scheme credits your account with bonus points every time you choose to shop at any of our Hypermarkets. These points can later be redeemed for gift vouchers that you can use to shop for free at Alphamega Hypermarkets. The gift vouchers for shopping are worth €10, €15, €25 and €40. Simply let the cashier know your card number or shop through your connected account on our website, to automatically gain points equal to the value of your shopping!

The Alphamega Family benefits of our online store are only valid for users who are logged in to the website during the check-out process.

You can only earn Alphamega card points & stick and win stickers through the Alphamega website online store. These benefits are not valid on the Alphamega Foody store.

Find more information on the online points redemption here 

To manage your Alphamega Family account and for added benefits, download the Alphamega Loyalty App:

  • Find all leaflet offers sorted by department categories
  • Easily add products that are on offer to your shopping list
  • Find our exclusive partnerships in the new ‘Partners’ section
  • View your transactions history
  • Even more exclusive offers ONLY for application users
  • Easily redeem your loyalty points


How do I login to the Alphamega Loyalty App?
If you have a Social Family card:
If you already have a Social Family Card, select the «Login» button and click the «I have a  Social Family Card» button
Enter your Alphamega Social Family card’s phone number
For confirmation, you will be sent a unique SMS code
You can then proceed with your App registration
If you don’t have a Social Family Card:
If you don’t have a Social Family Card, you can easily register through our mobile app
Select the “Login” button and click the “New Customer Registration” button
You will be asked to enter your mobile number
For confirmation, you will be sent a unique SMS code
You can then proceed with your Social Family card registration
Where can I see my Points?
Once you have logged into the app, your points will be visible below your name/username in the Home page.
How do I use the mobile app to earn points at the checkout?
Click on your name at the bottom of Home screen
For iOS: Proceed by clicking the small QR code on the
Select the QR Code (which serves as your customer ID)
The cashier will scan the QR Code and points will be collected
How do I redeem my points?
Once you have logged in to the app, you will see “Loyalty Vouchers” and “Just for You” on the menu tab.
“Loyalty Vouchers” can be redeemed based on points you have collected from your shopping
“Just for You” vouchers are exclusive gifts for selected customers
Select the voucher you would like to redeem (Either “Loyalty Vouchers” or “Just for You” vouchers) by pressing the “+” sign
The Voucher/vouchers you have selected will be added to your QR code to redeem at the cashier
Please note you must unselect the voucher before scanning your QR code at checkout, if you do not wish to redeem it (by pressing the “-“ sign)
I have forgotten my Username
In case you are unable to remember your username please visit any of our customer care centers within our stores for assistance
I have forgotten my Password
Select the option “Forgot Password” and you will be sent an email with a link for a new password
How do I edit my Personal Details?
On Android select the “options” button on the top right of the screen and then select “Account Management”.
On iOS click on your name/username on the bottom of the Home page screen and select the “Manage Account”